The Law Offices of Joel A. Spector is a respected criminal and family law firm located in Orlando, Florida. For over four decades, Joel Spector has served as a passionate advocate for clients dealing with the pain of divorce and the stress of criminal charges. His law firm is a great resource to turn to as you attempt to navigate the complexities of criminal and divorce court.

Practice Areas at the Law Office of Joel A. Spector

Joel A. Spector is a versatile lawyer who handles a variety of cases. He works extensively in criminal law, assisting clients with all types of criminal charges. Many of the Orlando attorney’s clients have been accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Often, his efforts result in reduced or dismissed charges.

In addition to defending the rights of the criminally accused, Joel Spector also serves as a family lawyer, advising his valued clients on such marriage and divorce-related issues as child custody, visitation, spousal support, child support, and division of property. Depending on his clients’ unique circumstances and preferences, these divorce arrangements may be made via collaboration or litigation. Whether you seek a peaceful resolution or prefer to go to court, Joel Spector can proactively represent your best interests.

The Law Offices of Joel A. Spector: Upfront and Honest Service from a Trustworthy Attorney

If you are on the hunt for a criminal or family attorney you can trust, look no further than the Law Offices of Joel A. Spector. There, you will have the opportunity to work with one of Orlando’s most respected lawyers. Joel Spector has a long history of success in law, preceded by a fascinating background in the Apollo program for NASA. Since establishing his own law firm, he has delivered satisfactory case resolutions for numerous clients living throughout the state of Florida and he was an Orlando city prosecutor for 2 terms.

Joel Spector is well known for his upfront approach to criminal and family law. He achieves positive legal outcomes by telling his clients not what they wish to hear, but what they need to hear. By taking on the role of educator as well as that of legal advocate, he is better able to prepare his clients for courtroom proceedings. Get in touch with Joel Spector to learn how he can get you through a messy divorce or through the Florida criminal justice system in one piece.