Family law is the area of law that deals with separation, divorce and divorce-related issues, such as asset distribution and child custody. Attorney Joel A. Spector works closely with clients to help make the process run smoothly. He pays close attention to his clients’ concerns, needs and is always happy to answer any questions. Plus, he lets clients know all of their legal options in family matters.

Alternative Resolution Strategies Instead of Court: Attorney Joel A. Spector

Today, mediation and collaborative law are non-adversarial alternatives to battling out divorce issues in the courtroom. Not only are these methods less contentious, they are also less time consuming and less costly than a trial. Mediation is a series of meetings facilitated by a neutral-third party. This facilitator helps both parties identify the issues, communicate and reach an agreed resolution. During the process, attorney Joel A. Spector assists clients in prepping for meetings, acts as a legal advisor and carefully reviews any proposed settlement before signing on the dotted line. In the collaborative setting, attorney Joel A. Spector works closely with the other party’s attorney to achieve an agreed resolution. However, when a settlement cannot be achieved, he’s ready to fight for justice in court on behalf of his clients. He has the experience and legal skills to present a strong case in front of the judge or jury.

How Attorney Joel A. Spector Can Help

Joel A. Spector helps explain the rules of dissolution of marriage, and helps clients understand how property and other assets are divided. He also helps clients determine if they are entitled to alimony, pension benefits or Social Security benefits from their ex-spouses. And if one spouse makes a lot more than the other, alimony may be an option. Plus, he helps client’s structure custody agreements. He ensures that all the marital assets are accounted for and assists clients with collecting the appropriate records. And if you’re dealing with marital debt, he can advise you on how to protect yourself from being held financially responsible for your spouse’s debt. He helps clients reach a fair agreement that both can live with.

If you’re considering or facing a divorce, turn to attorney Joel A. Spector for the best legal advice. Let his experience work for you and your family.